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Gunstock Historic Preservation Society Annual Meeting

June 20, 2012




For Immediate Release                                   


Contact:  Bob Arnold

The Annual Meeting of the Gunstock Mountain Historic Preservation Society (GMHPS) will be held at Gunstock Mountain Resort on Monday June 25, 2012 at 6:30pm.  The Historical Society is planning a major fundraiser to restore the ski jumping complex of four jumps that began to be used in 1937 but have not been in used in several years. The sport of ski jumping has seen a recent resurgence and the Gunstock ski jumping complex is unique in that it offers a young jumper a progression of ski jumps with 10, 20, 40 and 65 meter jumps. Double Olympic medalist Penny Pitou is one of the founders and current member of the Gunstock Mountain Historic Preservation Society.   She began her skiing career at the Belknap Recreation Complex and was a ski jumper who competed throughout her high school years.


The Historical Preservation Society is in building phase and has had many accomplishments in just a short period of time.  Those include: the jumps being named on NH’s Seven to Save in the fall of 2009, Rededication of the Torger Tokle Jump in 2010, The Historical Preservation Award from the NH Preservation Alliance in 2012, the continual cataloging and preservation of 75 years of history at Gunstock, and having the base lodge placed on the NH State Register of Historic Places. 


The Annual meeting will be a general discussion of the current work of the Society and a great opportunity to get involved.  All are welcome to attend and those with a passion for history and the outdoors will find this group warm and welcoming. 


For information please contact Bob Arnold 603-997-2931