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Lockers & Storage

The Welcome Center and seasonal locker areas are currently closed to the public. For those of you who have not yet cleaned out your seasonal locker, we will reach out as soon as we are open to the public, and you can come collect your belongings. If you would prefer to store your equipment for the entire summer, that’s still an option. Give us a call at 603-737-4388 and we can process the $25 fee via credit card over the phone.

Gunstock Mountain Resort has a bag-free zone in the Food Court of the Main Lodge. We ask that you store your belongings either the Ground Level Bag Check & Basket Room or in the storage cubbies located on the Upper Level and Balcony. Day use lockers for a fee, with unlimited access, are located in the Ground Level of the Main Lodge (Stone Cellar). There are also cubbies available in the Stockade Lodge.

Bag Check & Basket Room: Open Weekends and Holidays
  • This attended storage area is FREE for all guests.
  • Unlimited access throughout the day.
  • Check your bag or place your belongings in a laundry-style basket.
  • Located in the Ground Level of the Main Lodge (Stone Cellar).
Ski and Snowboard Check
  • The attended storage area is FREE for all guests.
  • Check your skis or snowboard for safe storage when you are taking a break.
  • Located in the Yurt next to Ski & Sport between the Guest Services Lodge and the Stockade Lodge.
  • Overnight storage is available for $5 per night, per set of equipment. (Skis and Snowboards only, no boots)
Seasonal Lockers
  • Secured locker room accessed by security code.
  • Each locker can fit about 4 pairs of skis, with 4 shelves for helmets or boots.
  • Guests use their own padlock on locker.
  • Accessible throughout the winter ski season.
  • Available for contract on a first come, first served basis beginning early October.
    • Call our Admissions staff at 603-293-4341 ext 0 for availability after October 1st.
  • 2019/2020 rate is $325.
  • Located in the Ground Level of the Main Lodge.
Protect Yourself from Property Theft

Theft is an unfortunate occurrence and the snow sports industry is not immune. Here are some tips to keep your gear safe and aid in recovery if you do fall victim to the individual intent on making a profit by stealing from others.

  • Use our FREE Basket Room and Ski & Snowboard Check
  • If you do leave your gear unattended and unprotected, do not leave anything of value such as phones, IPods, tablets, etc.
  • Purchase a small retractable lock and lock your skis or snowboard to one of the racks around the base area. Locks are available for purchase at Gunstock Ski & Sport 
  • Mark your gear. Use a permanent marker to put your name and/or some identifiable mark on it. This should be done in a spot that is not immediately obvious, under the binding is preferable. You can also mark your gear in an obvious spot which will help with immediate identification if the suspect is spotted shortly after the theft occurs.
  • Prepare for the worst...record the serial number of your equipment and keep it with your other important records. This will help with recovery and prosecution as law enforcement will have proof that the equipment they recover does not belong to the person in possession.
  • Thefts are reported to the Belknap Sheriff’s Department for investigation.