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Top 10 Costume Ideas for the Pond Skim

The annual BYODC Pond Skim is this weekend! If you've never been to this event, we would highly recommend you come to either watch or participate! Costume-clad contestants will be tucking down the hill and gaining as much momentum as they can to successfully cross our manmade "pond." Ski patrol will be on site to assist, should participants end up in the drink, which will certainly happen to some, hence the name BYODC (Bring Your Own Dry Clothes)! But it's all in good fun, and we can't think of a better way to cap off the season on Closing Day. 

For those interested in competing in the Pond Skim, there are prize categories to be aware of: Best Successful Cross/Skim, Best Splash, and Best Costume. Since the first two prizes can't be controlled until you're actually on the water, be sure to put some effort into your costume! Here are some ideas to get you started on a stellar skimming outfit:

10. Anything Beach-Related: Since the Pond Skim evokes a bit of surf spirit, it's always a good idea to don a wetsuit (especially since the water will be cold), board shorts, Hawaiian shirts, a bikini, grass skirts, snorkels, and maybe some of that diesel sunblock on your nose.

9. A Mythical Snow Beast: Whether it be a yeti, a sasquatch, or the abominable snowman, these mountain beasts never go out of style for a quality costume.

8. 80's Theme: Channel your inner B-Rad and embrace the neon color spectrum! Bust out that old shocking pink or lime green ski jacket with the shoulder pads still in tact, and skim that pond in style!

7. Superheroes: Nothing says confidence like a cape! Attach one to the back of your jacket and create your own emblem for your chest! Make up your own superhero or do your best interpretation of an existing one.

6. U.S. Presidents: Just remember, leaning too far right or left will send you into a watery explosion! Odd toupees atop helmets and orange body paint are totally acceptable for this event!

5. Sunday Best: In the words of Macklemore, "I wear your grandpa's clothes, I look incredible!" Hit up the thrift shop and grab an old wedding or prom dress, or a spiffy suit a la Napoleon Dynamite for a classy skim that'll have spectators saying, "Lookin' goooood!"

4. Cartoon Characters: Just, so many possibilities...

3. Animals: Horse heads, tails, wings, color patterns, what's your spirit animal?

2. Celebrities: Tom Brady! Flavor Flav! Lady Gaga!

1. Medieval Times: Show everyone you're master of your domain, lord of the land! Dragons, vikings, kings, queens, Khaleesi! Cross the pond with a ski pole turned jousting stick!

After a year hiatus, we're excited to hold this hilariously fun event once again, and right after a snowstorm, woot! The awesome local band Shark Martin will be at the mountain providing a sweet soundtrack to the event, and we can't wait to bust moves and watch everyone battle it out for the best skim! Bring your costumes, bring your A-game, and bring a smile! See you this weekend!

~ Jen

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