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The Last Hurrah

We have just received word that Gunstock will indeed be reopening for one last weekend this season. We'll be open both Saturday, 3/26 and Sunday, 3/27 with Pistol, Panorama, Ramrod and Penny lifts running. Though some have already moved on to spring sports, spring cleaning, and spring garden prep, we here at Gunstock have been holding out for a possible two more days of sweet spring skiing and we're pleased to announce that we will have it. 

This winter has been a challenge in many ways; for skiers and snowboarders, questions of relocation out west were pretty frequently raised, and for a lot of us in the industry, it challenged our general outlook on life. I feel the need to make a shout-out to Maggie Savage here, because her delectable baked goods got myself and a lot of others through some very somber days, and some borderline nervous breakdowns. Whatever she puts in those white chocolate raspberry thingies and those cookie dough truffles is nothing short of magic. While I'm at it, I'm going to make another shout-out to our entire snowmaking and grooming crew on the amazing job they've done this season in the face of a problem child by the name of El Nino. I picture Mother Nature and Old Man Winter having some relationship problems and arguing over custody of this terrible child... but you would think if it were to end badly between them, Old Man Winter would have at least "stormed out?" But I digress. Despite very little to work with, our crew created an entire winter out of the "Endless November" we've had and gave us some great days on the hill. 

I'm still coming to grips with the fact that we never got our giant spring snowstorm and I half expect Mother Nature to pull one of her dirty tricks and dump a foot on us after everything else has melted in mid-May, but I'm happy that we'll have Saturday and Sunday to get some closure on the season. Regardless of what happens, I plan to take those last runs on Easter with full appreciation of how lucky I am to have this mountain in my backyard; for better or worse, in powder and in slush, in snow and in rain. See you this weekend!

~ Jen


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