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Fall Foliage Thread

We're so lucky to live in such a beautiful state, where the onset of Autumn brings vibrant bursts of color everywhere you look. In this thread, we will show the weekly progression of the turning leaves here at Gunstock. Always remember to look around, breathe deep, and enjoy the beauty. Keep scrolling down to see the progression from the start!


Foliage appears to be a bit past its peak now for the season, but it's certainly a beautiful conclusion to a gorgeous and colorful October. That burnt orange color continues to light up the area as the leaves cling to the trees a little longer, particularly along the ridge. On a more exciting note, our snow crew tested the snowmaking system's water pressure, and temperatures were low enough to yield some snow. We've got some rain in the forecast and bit of a warm-up over the next week, but it's comforting to see a little blanket of white on the ground contrasting with the leaves, even if it's only for a day or two. This weekend will mark the last two days for guests to enjoy ziplining, scenic lift rides, and the new mountain coaster. Get your fall fun in while you can! -But for now, here are this week's foliage shots:



We heard lots of predictions going into this autumn season that the foliage most likely wouldn't be very spectacular this year, due to the lack of precipitation and mild temps we've had. People were saying that the leaves would change color very briefly, then turn brown and fall off overnight, but we have only seen the opposite! Color is everywhere here at the mountain, and we're basking in the glow. There is a L. M. Montgomery quote from Anne of Green Gables that says, "I'm so lucky I live in a world where there are Octobers," and we're feeling that this week. Be sure to make time to get outside and enjoy this gorgeous, fleeting time of year in New Hampshire; hike along the Ridge Trail to stay immersed in the color as you gaze out at Lake Winnipesaukee and our neighboring mountains, or come visit this weekend or next to take it all in from the Zipline, Scenic Lift Ride, or blast through the woods on our new Mountain Coaster! Here are some lovely afternoon shots from this week:



After a cold, cloudy start to the long weekend, the skies finally cleared for a crisp, colorful Columbus Day. The mountain was buzzing with activity in every direction, and that rain coupled with the drop in temperature made for a nice pop in color. Plus, we all enjoyed that yearly novelty of needing to wear a jacket and hat for the first time! Here are the shots from this weekend:




It's October 1st and despite dreary skies this weekend, the color has begun to spread a bit more in the forest. One of the best parts about Autumn is that even on a cloudy day, the foliage still makes things look brighter! Here are today's pictures:




The First Day of Fall was two days ago and it's still pretty green here for the most part, but we're starting to see some nice pops of color at the mountain. Here are some shots from today:


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