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10 Things to Try in the Adventure Park

So what's your situation? Let me guess... First time at the mountain? Been once to try out the zipline but interested in returning for something new? Seasoned veteran of Gunstock but haven't done it all? Wondering what to do on a Tuesday? Staying in our campground and wondering what we've got going on for activities? Hate being interrogated in a blog post? WELL... you've come to the right place, because that part is over, and so is your boredom. Now that Gunstock Mountain Adventure Park is open 7 days a week, the possibilities are endless, and there is lots of fun to be had. Here is a handpicked list of awesome ways to enjoy the Adventure Park this summer!

1. An early morning jaunt through the ATA: Whether you're in it for the workout or the squirrel's eye view, the Aerial Treetop Adventure (ATA) is an incredible experience. There is an Explorer Course for younger kids (they can go twice in a row!), and there are five courses progressing from novice and relatively low in the trees, to expert and high up in the canopy for older kids and adults. This year, we've added a new belay system to cut down on the constant clipping and unclipping. The coolest thing about the ATA is the variables and the choices you're constantly making; you can do it a handful of times and always have a different experience. Hit the course early in the morning to beat the crowds and the heat-- trust me, you'll work up a sweat all on your own! Thinking about adding an early morning jaunt to your regular routine? Check out the ATA Sunrise Pass! 

2. The Stunt Jump: For those who are fans of action movies, the Stunt Jump provides a unique opportunity to channel your inner action hero. Our guides will provide information on proper jumping technique and give you three solid small jumps before attempting the main event. The adrenaline rush you'll get from the high jump will have your heart up in your throat--in a good way! It helps if you imagine yourself jumping out of an exploding building or off a high bridge into the water. Because action movies are fun, and so is the Stunt Jump!

3. The Zipline on a 90 degree day: What can be said about the zipline that hasn't already been said? --epic views of Lake Winnipesaukee and the White and Ossipee Mountain ranges, an incredible bird's eye view of densely forested terrain and ski trails you normally see covered with snow, reaching speeds of up to 65mph! Is it a little hotter at first with a harness on? Yes. But the screech of the line and the goosebumps that take over as the wind sends tears streaming out your eyes and directly off your face will make you forget all about the hot temps. Momentarily, you'll most likely forget about everything except how happy and exhilerated you are. And that's what it's all about. 

4. Cool Off at Water Wars: Sometimes on a scorcher of a day, you just need to get wet. And pummel your friends for good measure. Water Wars allows kids of all ages to fling water balloons at each other from opposing dugouts. If you hit the target on the other team's roof, your opponent will be drenched in a watery explosion! Chances are, you won't leave this adventure dry! 

5. Lunch at the Landing Zone: Working up an appetite is an easy thing to do around here, and the Landing Zone is the perfect spot to regroup and enjoy something delicious before heading out for your next adventure. The menu ranges from lite and healthy offerings like caprese salad and a black bean quinoa burger, to down-home delights like BBQ smoked pulled pork meals and fried pickle spears. The Landing Zone also features an array of draft beers and frozen drinks to cool you down on the dog days.

6. Explore the Nordic trails on an Off-Road Segway Tour: If you've never been on a Segway x2, you'll be surprised at how involved the riding experience is! Our 2-hour off-road tours provide a complete lesson in the operation and riding of a Segway, with emphasis on control and navigating varying terrain, including hills! Your guide will highlight interesting facts and sights around Gunstock as you explore our extensive Nordic trail system. 

7. Take a Scenic Lift Ride: In the summertime, the heavy vegetation below the Panorama lift line is reminiscent of Jurassic Park! Enjoy a relaxing cruise up the mountain and take in truly breathtaking views of Lake Winnipesaukee, the Ossipee and White Mountain ranges (Mt. Washington is visible on a clear day), and the grassy ski trails themselves. The zipline runs parallel to the lift, so watching people fly by is always fun. For a different perspective, try a download (a lift ride back DOWN the mountain). The view of the drop below as you come down the steeper parts of the mountain will make your heart skip a beat! 

8. Stand-Up Paddle Boards on the Pond: Test and improve your overall balance as you skim over the pond on a Stand-Up Paddle Board, or SUP. It's very relaxing and provides a great workout, whether you're practicing your standard paddling or doing yoga poses. 

9. The Big Air Bag: Ever watch the X Games and wish you could get as high in the air as the athletes? The Big Air Bag gives you that opportunity from the comfort of a tube! The ramp is watered down frequently to keep the ramp slippery and ensure you have a fast trip down for plenty of air, and the giant bag is inflated to cushion your landing. Zzzzzing!!!

10. Take a ride on the all-new Mountain Coaster (coming soon!): Gunstock's highly anticipated new attraction is still under construction and will be opening immediately upon completion. The coaster will consist of two helixes and five bridges. There will be 40 cars with anti-collision systems built in. The track will be over 4,000 feet and the ride will last about six to eight minutes. For updated information on the progress of Mountain Coaster construction, check out The Official Mountain Coaster Build Thread!

For more information on Summer Activities pricing, click here.

Have fun out there and remember: life is short, so make sure to have a blast!

~ Jen

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